Private and 

Commercial Airplanes

The First Safe, Green Method for Power Sanitizing Entire Aircraft including the Cabin, Cockpit, Lavatories and Food Prep areas

Passengers and aircraft crew deserve safe, healthy environments. Contracting a serious infection should not be a part of a flight. But we are living in unprecedented times with increased exposure to more harmful viruses and bacteria than ever before. Although immunity building is an important part of human development, keeping passengers and crew safe from the more harmful pathogens can help protect them and their families from the devastating effects of a serious infection, and help shield the airline from undesirable negative publicity.

Safer, Faster and Far More Effective Than Bleach, Alcohol, or Antibacterial Gels

  • Safe for children and adults of any age 

  • Safe for the environment (no bleach or harsh chemicals)

  • Safe on all surfaces including seats, tray tables, food areas, lavatory surfaces (leaves no staining or residue)

  • Safe for direct use on computers, keyboards, sensitive equipment and fine electronics in the cockpit

  • The whole aircraft interior is sanitized from floor to ceiling in just minutes, including impossible-to-reach nooks, corners and crevices where pathogens hide and breed

  • Reduce risk of cross contamination that comes with traditional wet-wash spraying, wiping, and mopping

  • Significantly reduce aircraft down-time with one-step sanitizing that dries fast, leaving area ready for almost immediate use

  • Eliminate use of harsh and noxious chemicals that are potentially dangerous to people, damage equipment and are unsafe for the environment

  • Patented technology makes EPA-approved formula non-flammable and safe for use near outlets, spark, open flame, and light fixtures

  • FDA registered as a medical device and UL Certified, sanitizing solution is EPA and NSF approved

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