Dentists and Doctors Offices

Safely and Effectively Kills Surface and Airborne Viruses and Bacteria on any Surface including Dental Equipment, Electronics, Fabric and Leather

Non-Corrosive, No Staining,
No Residue, No Damage,
No Rinsing Required,
Fast Application, Cost Effective

We are living in unprecedented times, with more harmful airborne and surface pathogens in our environment than ever before. Keeping your practice, staff and patients healthy and safe not only saves money, it saves lives. Ultimately, that protects you and your business from the devastating effects of pathogenic infections.

Infectious microorganisms live in blood and oral fluids, on contaminated instruments and countertops, on fabrics and sometimes even in the air. Patients may be exposed to diseases such as Hepatitis B & C, Herpes Simplex Virus, HIV, Tuberculosis, Staphylococci, Antibiotic Resistant Staph (MRSA) and other viruses and bacteria that thrive in the oral cavity and respiratory tract. While most practices take careful precautions to prevent disease transmissions by using autoclaves and protective gear, many areas in the practice environment are left completely unaddressed by typical cleaning techniques.

The New Standard in Sanitizing Entire Dental Environments to Kill and Contain Pathogens
on any Type of Surface

  • Protect your practice from harmful pathogens

  • Quickly and thoroughly sanitize every inch of medical equipment, office furniture,
    electronics and the environment 

  • Significantly reduce facility down–time with one–step sanitizing that dries fast, leaving area
    ready for almost immediate use

  • Reduce risk of cross contamination that comes with traditional wet–wash spraying, wiping, and mopping

  • Eliminate use of harsh and noxious chemicals that are noxious for people, damage equipment and
    are unsafe for the environment

  • Patented technology makes EPA–approved formula non-flammable and safe for use near outlets,
    spark, open flame, and light fixtures

  • FDA registered as a medical device and UL

  • Certified, sanitizing solution is EPA and NSF approved 

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