First Responders, Fire Stations, Police Stations

Protect Staff from Harmful Pathogens to Keep Operations Running 24/7

The New Standard in Fast and Effective Sanitizing Solutions

We are living in unprecedented times, and first responders are often at risk of infection from harmful airborne and surface pathogens, including antibiotic resistant strains. Keeping emergency workers, patients, equipment and vehicles sanitized, safe and on the road not only saves money by keeping operations running around the clock...

it saves lives.

Current wet–wash spraying, wiping and mopping techniques using corrosive chemicals, such as bleach are not only time consuming and labor intensive, they miss common areas of disease transmission and are prone to cross contamination.

Easy, One-Step Disinfecting and Sanitizing That is Effective Everywhere with a Complete Tracking Solution

Now with BioGuard, first responders can finally equip themselves to quickly and effectively control pathogens

in transport vehicles and facilities with fast, easy and thorough one–step sanitizing.

Additionally, first responder organizations get a complete tracking and documentation solution to help monitor sanitizing efforts, creating a well–documented audit trail of infectious disease control protocols to support H.R. 3962 reporting requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Get entire vehicles and facilities sanitized from top to bottom in just minutes to keep staff healthy,
    safe and
     on the road

  • Non-corrosive application is safe for direct use on any surface or material, including sensitive medical
    equipment, electronics, vehicle controls and more. 

  • Completely replace bleach and wet-wash spraying and wiping methods that miss key areas,
    increase cross
     contamination risk and cannot be used on electronics. 

  • EPA certified disinfectant formula dries fast, keeps sanitizing after evaporation and is 100% safe
     people of any age including patients with compromised immune systems. 

  • Patented distribution system is FDA registered as a medical device and UL certified. 

  • Effective, affordable sanitizing solutions to protect first responders and patients from harmful pathogens. 

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