Hospitals and Urgent Care Facilities

A Complete Sanitizing and Tracking Solution for Healthcare Environs

Protect Staff and Patients from Dangerous Pathogens While Creating a Well-Documented Audit Trail

Uncontrolled pathogens, especially those with antibiotic resistance, pose a serious challenge in healthcare environments. From the ER and OR to doctor’s offices, critical care, the NICU and everywhere in between, patients and staff are at risk–especially those with compromised immune systems and in acute care units. 

Most healthcare facilities still use outdated, wet–wash spraying and wiping methods with harmful, noxious chemicals to sanitize environments. These methods cause significant facility down–time, are prone to human error, and can never be used on sensitive medical equipment. They also miss hard-to reach areas where pathogens often hide and increase the risk of cross contamination.

With new mandatory infectious disease reporting requirements and growing public awareness of hospital

acquired infections, hospitals are under pressure to reduce readmission rates to avoid stiff penalties mandated

by the Affordable Healthcare Act. And just as importantly—they are under pressure to improve patient outcomes while maintaining the value and integrity of their brand.

Safe for All Patients & Staff, Medical Equipment & Electronics

  • Significantly reduce facility down–time with one–step sanitizing that dries fast, leaving area
     for almost immediate use

  • Thoroughly sanitize entire rooms from floor to ceiling including hard-to-reach areas where
    pathogens hide and breed 

  • Reduce risk of cross contamination that comes with traditional wet–wash spraying, wiping, and mopping

  • Eliminate use of harsh and noxious chemicals that are noxious for people, damage equipment and
    are unsafe for the environment

  • Patented technology makes EPA–approved formula non-flammable and safe for use near outlets, spark,
    open flame, and light fixtures

  • FDA registered as a medical device and UL Certified, sanitizing solution is EPA and NSF approved 

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