Locker Rooms, Gyms and Sports Equipment

Fast, Safe and Affordable Sanitizing to Protect Athletes of All Ages, in any Sport, from Harmful Viruses and Bacteria

Kills Staph, MRSA, Herpes, Ringworm, Hepatitis, E-Coli and 

Many More Dangerous Pathogens

Now Parents and Coaches Can Take a Preventive Approach to Help Protect Children, Athletes and Their Families from Infectious Disease

  • FULL GEAR sets sanitized in minutes on–site at sports facility

  • DRIES FAST leaving gear disinfected and ready for immediate use

  • COVERS LARGE AREAS EFFICIENTLY—perfect for sanitizing locker rooms, gyms, equipment and showers

  • FDA & EPA approved-safe for all ages and the environment 

  • INSTANTLY KILLS any virus and bacteria while removing stubborn odors

  • ZERO damage to all leather, fabrics, plastics and metals

  • FORMULA continues sanitizing even after it dries 

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