Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living and Group Homes

The First Safe, Green Method for

Power Sanitizing in Environments Catering to those with compromised immune systems

We are living in unprecedented times, and residents in assisted living facilities, nursing and group homes can face serious risks from airborne and surface pathogens. In many cases, elderly patients with compromised immune systems are highly susceptible to the more harmful viruses and bacteria that can cause serious illness and death.

Their frequent trips to hospitals and back to the care facility only increases the risk to themselves and 

to other residents and staff. 75 year-old spraying and wiping methods are simply no longer effective in dealing with today’s ‘evolved’ superbugs. It’s time to fight them with advanced, proven, safe technology. 

Safe for People of Any Age. Safe in Food Areas, on Medical Equipment & Fine Electronics

  • Safe for people of any age including elderly with pre-existing conditions, open wounds
     compromised immune systems 

  • Safe on food surfaces; non–corrosive formula is safe on medical equipment and fine electronics;
    fire-safe operation near spark or open flame

  • Safe for the environment; no bleach or harsh chemicals, no chemical storage and
    no chemical
     mixing required 

  • Get rooms sanitized from floor to ceiling in just  minutes, including impossible-to-reach nooks and
    corners where pathogens hide and breed 

  • Replace bleach and alcohol wet-wash spraying and wiping methods that miss key areas and increase
    the risk of cross contamination 

  • Patented chemical formula dries fast, leaves no staining or residue and keeps on sanitizing after
    evaporation—leaving area germ-free and ready for immediate use 

  • FDA registered as a medical device and UL Certified, sanitizing solution is EPA and NSF approved

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