Offices, Work Stations,

Elevators, Break Rooms

Protect Your Staff and Clients from Harmful Pathogens lurking 

on Keyboards, Copiers and in Break Rooms

Working in an office environment can have its health risks when just one co-worker becomes ill. Germs can spread to every area of an office, and janitorial services will not eliminate those pathogens that are most contagious. 

Now you can protect your most important assets—your employees—with regularly scheduled BioGuard sanitizing treatments. All surfaces will be treated, including all fabrics, mirrors and under furniture! Even your air ducts can be treated, to eliminate harmful pathogens that may be thriving where it is dark and warm!

Features and Benefits

  • Sanitize monitors, cpus, keyboards and copiers with our penetrating sanitizing solution. Equipment will not be harmed and will be completely free of dangerous pathogens.

  • Non-corrosive application is safe for direct use on any surface or material, including electronics, furniture and all fabrics. 

  • Completely replace bleach and wet-wash spraying and wiping methods that miss key areas,
    increase cross
     contamination risk and cannot be used on electronics. 

  • EPA certified disinfectant formula dries fast, keeps sanitizing after evaporation and is 100% safe
     people of any age including patients with compromised immune systems. 

  • Patented distribution system is FDA registered as a medical device and UL certified. 

  • Effective, affordable sanitizing solutions to protect office workers from harmful pathogens. 

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