Homeowners and
Real Estate Agents

Protect Your Family and Loved Ones from Dangerous Pathogens Lurking in Your Home

The New Standard in Sanitizing and Disinfecting to Kill and Control Pathogens

Selling and leasing real estate has always been competitive. Think of the advantage you would have if the buyer, leaser or renter moved in with total peace of mind knowing that the entire space had been disinfected and sanitized, top to bottom. No concerns about infectious pathogens left behind.

Thanks to BioGuard, you can have that selling, leasing and renting advantage at your disposal, for your clients. Include the BioGuard service option in your sales, leasing or rental agreement, and include that added protection in your sales, leasing and rental information to buyers, leasers and renters.

BioGuard’s patented power disinfecting and sanitizing solutions help contain and control infectious pathogens in residential and commercial properties.

Easy, One-Step Disinfecting and Sanitizing That is Fast, Safe and Effective Everywhere

  • Houses, both existing and new

  • Apartment buildings

  • Office buildings

  • Commercial spaces of all types and sizes


When your client moves into their new home, rental or leased space, they’ll find a Certificate of Disinfection,

courtesy of BioGuard, Inc. certifying the service has been completed, and their new home, office or

commercial space is healthier and safer.

Features and Benefits

  • Protect your environment from harmful pathogens

  • Quickly and thoroughly sanitize ceilings, walls, window coverings, furniture, and all surfaces in your environment 

  • Significantly reduce facility down–time with one–step sanitizing that dries fast, leaving area
    ready for almost
     immediate use

  • Reduce risk of cross contamination that comes with traditional wet–wash spraying, wiping, and mopping

  • Eliminate use of harsh chemicals that are dangerous to people, damage equipment and
    are unsafe for
     the environment

  • Patented technology makes the EPA–approved formula non-flammable and safe for use near outlets,
     open flame, and light fixtures

  • Equipment is FDA registered as a medical device and certified, and the sanitizing solution is
    EPA and
     NSF approved 

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