Food Service and
Commercial Kitchens

Protect Your Customers, Your Staff and Your Business from Food Borne Illness

The New Standard in Sanitizing and Disinfecting to Kill Pathogens in Food Environments

From kid-friendly casual and fast food to full service and fine dining, restaurants are a lifeblood of the U.S. economy. But just one food borne illness incident can have a significant impact on your brand and your bottom line. 

Pathogens in food environments are easily transmitted from contaminated food or sick employees to surfaces,

to food, and then to customers. Even with well-trained employees, the risk of contaminated food remains a

serious risk.

The truth is, most food borne illnesses are preventable with proper food safety and proper environment and

equipment sanitization. But current environmental sanitizing techniques are outdated, complex, time consuming and prone to human error. Until now. Now you can sanitize your entire environment more thoroughly, in less time, with less labor, more efficiently and cost effectively. 

Features and Benefits

  • Get entire food service environments sanitized in minutes leaving area ready for business in under
    30 minutes, while the formula keeps sanitizing even after evaporation

  • Non-corrosive application makes it safe for direct use on food prep areas, equipment and fine electronics

  • Unparalleled coverage lets you sanitize even hard-to-reach areas, nooks and crannies where germs hide 

  • Quickly and thoroughly sanitize ceilings, walls, window coverings, furniture, and all surfaces 

  • Avoid cross contamination risk and equipment corrosion that comes with traditional wet–wash
    spraying, wiping, and mopping

  • Eliminate use of harsh chemicals that are dangerous to people, damage equipment and are
    unsafe for
     the environment

  • Patented technology makes the Green, EPA–approved sanitizing formula non-flammable and
    safe for use near
     outlets, sparks, open flame, and light fixtures

  • Equipment is FDA registered as a medical device and UL certified, and the sanitizing solution
    is EPA and
     NSF approved 

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