BioGuard's sanitizing service is safe to use in all environments—Areas are ready to use within 15 minutes after application! No Residue, No Staining,

No Rinsing, No Odor—Non-Corrosive, Fast and Cost Effective!

Daycare center changing tables are hard to keep sanitary. Not any more! BioGuard makes the process quick, easy and effective. This video shows the pathogen level on a changing table that had just been cleaned! Notice the test results, prior to treating with our sanitizing solution! Then notice the amazing results after the BioGuard sanitizing treatment! Keep your children safe and healthy!

Daycare center toys require a bleach bath, involving harsh chemicals! BioGuard's sanitizing solution penetrates tiny cracks and crevices, where wipes cannot reach! Toys can be played with almost immediately after treatment, and our solution is completely safe for babies and children. The children and staff are healthier, and so are
their families!

BioGuard uses FDA certified medical grade application equipment and an EPA registered disinfectant/sanitizing solution that is 100% green, to kill pathogens and make your environment safer and healthier. Athletes are prone to coming in contact with dangerous pathogens from germs encountered in locker rooms, showers, weight and exercise rooms. BioGuard helps athletes stay healthy and performing their best.

Few areas are more difficult to sanitize than the inside of aircraft. Small, hard to reach places are wonderful breeding locations for pathogens and germs. BioGuard insures that every square inch of the interior is sanitized. Safe to spray on all surfaces, even fine Italian leather! Approved for use on electronics, such as the cockpit instrumentation. Fly in a safe and healthy environment.

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