BioGuard Inc is dedicated to creating healthier and safer environments–where you live, work and play!

Our mission is to protect you from serious illnesses caused by germs.

We accomplish this with our FDA certified, medical grade, state–of–the–art equipment, a unique sanitizing solution and an individually designed infectious disease control program. Every year tens of millions of people become ill from viruses and bacteria they acquire at their place of work, where they shop, when they dine out, run errands, and at numerous other public gathering venues, such as movie theaters, gyms, malls and stadiums. 

BioGuard's Sanitizing Service

Saving Money, Saving Time, Saving Lives

The Challenge: The Lethality Of “Superbugs” Is Growing, Yet Sanitizing

Methods Are Outdated, Complex, Costly and Time-Consuming

Current environmental sanitizing practices using wet-wash, spraying and wiping with noxious, corrosive

chemicals are costly, time-consuming, often ineffective, not feasible on metals and equipment, and impossible to use to cover large-scale areas. These cleaning methods have not changed in 75 years. They are completely outdated in the fight against today’s evolving antibiotic resistant “Superbug” bacteria. These outdated cleaning methods are prone to human error, increase cross-contamination risk, and require significant facility downtime.

The New Gold Standard in Environmental Disinfecting and Sanitizing

BioGuard utilizes patented, FDA registered medical grade equipment and an EPA, NSF and UL certified sanitizing formula that is non-corrosive and safe to use on precision equipment, electronics, all fabrics, all metals and food contact surfaces. It safely sanitizes and quickly evaporates, leaving surfaces and equipment clean and ready for use, requiring no rinsing or wiping! Additionally, the formula continues to eliminate harmful pathogens for 24 hours after application, even after the area is in use! It’s the first safe method for power spraying equipment and facilities with an alcohol-based solution. Our "Green" solution is 100% safe for humans and animals.

Comprehensive Tracking & Documentation Delivers True ROI

Contaminated surfaces and equipment can quickly lead to microbial

contamination, and ultimately, sick employees and customers. Ensuring safety

and measuring the efficaciousness of the Infectious Disease Control Program

is a necessity. That’s why every time your facility is serviced, our BioGuard

technician uses a Luminometer to precisely measure the bacterial level on

specific surfaces, both before and after the Infectious Disease Control

Program service has been performed. By consistently measuring those levels

over a period of time, using SureTrend tracking software, BioGuard will create

and manage the proper implementation of a comprehensive Infectious Disease

Control Program specifically tailored to the requirements of your facility to

maintain a “safe zone” of pathogen levels.

BioGuard's Sanitizing System Kills Surface and Airborne

Viruses and Bacteria Including:

• Coronaviruses

• Staph MRSA/Staph Aureus

• Type 1 (HIV-1) 

• Enterococcus Faecium VRE

• Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) 

• Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

• Norwalk Virus (Norovirus) 

• Listeria Monocytogenes

• Influenza 

• Salmonella Choleraesuis

• Influenza A (H1N1) 

• Escherichia Coli (E-Coli)

• Avian influenza (H5N1)

...And the vast majority of other viruses & bacteria

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